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Everyone has gifts in this life. Some gifts can be measured, gauged, or observed while others can only be felt, understood, or believed in. Tracy's gift is to help people and it is most certainly in the "felt, understood, or believed in" realm of the world.

It is this spiritual path that Tracy's life is all about. Her gift is to be able to communicate with the world that cannot be seen, explained, or heard. This communication, to her, is as real as speaking with someone standing before her. She can communicate in the spirit world and can do so with the spirits that we each have around us. She also reads the body as energy and knows what areas need to be cleansed and healed.

Tracy can help you by simply listening to the spirit(s) and/or the energy of your body what they/it want to communicate to you. The energies have a greater knowledge and understanding that can bring such peace, guidance and good health into our lives. She can translate to you what they or the body wants you to know either by listening, feeling or knowing. She will bring in validations for you so you can trust this work and believe in it.

To Tracy, this is not a job, it is a passion.....a calling.......a will to help. Her true reward is in helping others evolve and understand the true meaning of life. It is with this love of spirit that she is available to you, and her honor to share the reward with you.




About Tracy